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24/7 Support +46 8 611 14 20

CHINSAY leverages the knowledge gained working with freight and commodity traders over the past 10 years to deliver a new solution for Commodity Contracts Management (CCM).

CCM moves the process of creating, validating, signing, archiving and sharing commodity contracts from e-mail, print, and fax to a secure, collaborative, cloud-based platform.


What is CCM?

A single platform to create, share, view and validate commodity contracts.

A single centralised clause library ensuring correct and current terms.

Single centralised storage for contracts and associated documentation.

Mitigation against the use of uncontrolled contracts and clauses.

Online collaboration, negotiation and validation.

Why CCM?

Delays at any stage during the creation, negotiation and issuance of contracts can introduce operational, execution and financing risks. Fast accurate contract issuance reduces these risks, whilst allowing you to trade more and spend less time exposed to market conditions


Speed & control

Faster trade offer and contract issuance
Centralised template contract repository
Global Clause library
Counterparty collaboration
Online validation

Volume & Flexibility

Increase capacity to trade higher volumes
Drive efficiency of existing teams
Increase operational capacity
Reduce time for contract creation and validation
Scalable across your business

Compliance & Risk

Reduce operational and contract risk
Single point of data entry
Contract version control
Centralised contracts & clauses
KPI dashboard
Approvals workflow


Create, validate and store contracts in one secure online platform

Chinsay workflow

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