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24/7 Support +46 8 611 14 20

The CHINSAY Recap Manager is a secure online platform for freight contracts management. Contract information is captured at the source and is securely available to parties in the trade, allowing enhanced collaboration and improving the quality of work. CHINSAY manages the contract lifecycle for fixture recaps, charter parties, and other fixture-related documentation, from document creation, review, validation, archiving and retrieval. One platform – for global access.

Since 2000, CHINSAY Recap Manager has served leading commodity traders and ship operators by enhancing their collaboration with counterparties, ship brokers, and internal freight teams.


Executive Management: Gain insights into fixture activity across the organisation and enhance decision-making using report analytics and KPI tools.

Chartering Manager / Freight Trader: Get more business done faster with quick access to the latest contract documents, easy-to-use review and approval tools and an audit trail capturing all changes made.

Operations Manager: Streamline the handoff between chartering and operations by enabling seamless access to contracts as soon as a fixture has been finalised. Ensure required information is always available.

Legal/Compliance: Control company-specific trading terms and contract clauses and communicate risks relating to recent disputes and awards, and manage counterparty risk by defining master data for counterparty trading entities


Manage Risk

Clearly defined policies, standards and procedures
Standard Charter Party forms and clauses
Clause library
Approvals workflow

Measure Performance

Recognise progress and identify bottlenecks
Progress report
KPI dashboard
Automated e-mail alerts

Ensure Accountability

Rigorous process for contract creation & review
Audit trail
Version control
Red line document comparison


Create, validate and store charter parties in one secure online platform

Chinsay workflow

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