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24/7 Support +46 8 611 14 20

The CHINSAY Recap Manager is a secure online platform for freight contracts management. Contract information is captured at the source and is securely available to parties in the trade, allowing enhanced collaboration and improving the quality of work. CHINSAY manages the contract lifecycle for fixture recaps, charter parties, and other fixture-related documentation, from document creation, review, validation, archiving and retrieval. One platform – for global access.-

Since 2000, CHINSAY Recap Manager has served leading commodity traders, ship operators and ship brokers by enhancing their collaboration with all parties in the trade.


RM centralises all fixture documents in a secure web-based platform giving centralised control and local execution. Recaps, Booking notes and Charter Parties are easily accessed and can be reused for back-to-back deals. Brokers can access all fixtures whether in the office, on a business trip or working from home; giving you the flexibility to work as and where you can.

We at CHINSAY understand the importance of direct communication with our clients. As a CHINSAY broker member client, we deliver real-time, 24/7 support to answer any questions you may have when using the CHINSAY RM. All fees paid by broker members include unlimited access to the system by all users within your organisation.


Complete contracts faster with greater accuracy.
Access to Standard and Client specific Charter Parties.
Issue the main recap quickly and in a standardised format.
Quick overview of changes made to new CPs compared to Proforma CPs.
Direct access to previous concluded fixtures.
Powerful search allowing quick retrieval of charter parties for use in new contracts.

Post Fixture
Main terms automatically linked to the main body of a charter.
Easy to create back to back contracts.
Centralised clause library.
Single point of data entry.
Uploaded vessel certificates.
Auditable history tracker of every deal.
Authorised users can take over the fixture after the broker has issued main recap.
Controlled sharing of proforma CP’s reduces double entry and risk of manual errors.

Monitor fixture activity and user performance.
Visibility of the contracting process.
Actively manage problems and discrepancies.
Powerful KPI and reporting tools.


Create, validate and store charter parties in one secure online platform

Chinsay workflow

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